Business Continuity

VST has extensive and detailed operating procedures, working practices and instructions. These are applied to all aspects of the business from planning and implementation to dispatch. Every area is audited both internally by our QA Team and externally by both Consultants and as part of our ISO certifications. However, in a fast and changing world at VST we also understand that things can change and not everything is within our control.

As such we have developed comprehensive Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies to help us deal with any such changes. All of our Standard Operating Procedures are accompanied by Emergency Operating Procedures that outline what to do should any part encounter difficulties or delay. These “EOP” are reviewed and tested as part of our auditing schedule to ensure that they are fit to meet the changing needs of our business and to assist in our delivery of SLAs.

Should something more serious occur VST has an alternative site prepared to which production can be moved and operations resumed in as little as three working days. Our data replication occurs every 15 minutes as part of our comprehensive back-up process to keep the loss of data and items worked on to a minimum.

To ensure that both our BC and DR strategies evolve with the business we conduct numerous audits, scenario tests and technical tests to make sure that our systems are effective should something change. This extends from the technical to our Colleagues (pandemics) and the physical (physical and environmental controls) and they are embedded in every part of our business as where change may occur is as uncertain as when.

As a result of our efforts and controls VST are ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) certified and have been since 2016. Our BC/DR strategy is extensively audited at least annually by Lloyds Register one of the leading ISO auditing companies. This certification is linked to our other ISO certifications to ensure that should a change occur our response is quick but also secure, meets that established quality standards that we set and is environmentally responsible.

The BC/DR Team is represented by all parts of the Business including Director level ownership and provides our Clients with the reassurance that should something change VST has the right response to meet that change no matter where in the process that may occur and should something disastrous happen VST has alternative plans to ensure that customers continue to receive they service upon which the rely to the same standards with minimal delay.

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