Modified Large Print

Modified large print is a highly effective, user-friendly alternative format that enables sight impaired people to access information with ease.

Modified large print offers significantly more benefits to the end user than a basic enlargement of the content and layout of an existing document, which can become too large, difficult to handle and misaligned. At VST, we transcribe and reformat the content to retain the original context and provide the best layout for ease of reading.

We use an 18 point font size as standard

We are always flexible and can accommodate requests for larger font sizes

Clear and legible Sans Serif style fonts

For the majority of our documents produced in modified large print, we use an 18 point font size as standard (larger than the industry recommended 16), as this is known to meet the needs of as many users as possible. Of course, we are always flexible and can accommodate requests for larger font sizes, as required. We recommend the use of simple, clear and legible Sans Serif style fonts, such as Arial or Verdana.

All modified large print materials are produced in-house on our technically-advanced full colour digital printers. We ensure there is a high level of contrast between the text and background to improve legibility. Generally, crisp white A4 paper is used but other colours are available, if required.

Our process:

• Your files are received electronically via our secure services or by post or fax.

• Our sector-experienced transcribers process your content quickly and accurately.

• Your document is comprehensively checked for quality assurance.

• The content is printed to the highest quality on our full colour laser printers.

• Your accessible format document is despatched directly to your customer.

We adhere to guidelines produced by the UKAAF (United Kingdom Association of Alternative Formats) of which the directors of VST are original members. We also adhere to guidelines outlined by the RNIB.

Typical documents include:

Terms & Conditions
PIN Services
Healthcare Documents
Patient Information Leaflets
Legal Documents
Notices and Disclosures
Booklets and Leaflets
Codes of Practice
Company Magazines