Audio Transcription

Audio files offer a convenient way for blind and visually impaired people to access information. We can reproduce a variety of correspondence, marketing materials and other communications for individuals or websites at our in-house production studios.

Using modern recording technology, we employ a range of techniques to create an engaging audio experience for the end user. We can re-modify content into audio scripts to help communicate key messages more effectively, as well as introduce appropriate background music to enhance the overall recording. We can transcribe a range of materials into audio files, regardless of size or complexity, from financial statements to company magazines.

State-of-the-art recording technology

Help communicate key messages more effectively

Audio files can be recorded using a live reader or via text to speech technology

Available in a range of formats, including CDs, tapes, MP3 and WAV files

Audio files can be recorded using a live reader or via text to speech technology. Text to speech is a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to live readings and provides lifelike recordings, making it ideal for documents such as terms and conditions, codes of practice and bank statements.

Audio files from VST are available in a range of formats, including CDs, tapes, MP3 and WAV files. We can include tone indexes, pauses and beeps to help users locate information easily. All CDs can be boxed and customised with corporate branding.

We can produce master recordings in digital format to be stored ready for call-off or duplication. Unlike other transcription service providers, we do not charge for the storage of information transcribed and recorded by VST.

Our process:

• Your files are received electronically via our secure services or by post or fax.

• Our sector-experienced transcribers transcribe the content and record files at our in-house recording studio.

• Your audio file is comprehensively checked for quality assurance.

• The content is recorded in a format to suit the end user and branded accordingly.

• Your audio file is despatched directly to your customer.

We adhere to guidelines produced by the UKAAF (United Kingdom Association of Alternative Formats) of which the directors of VST are original members. We also adhere to guidelines outlined by the RNIB.

Typical documents include:

Terms & Conditions
PIN Services
Healthcare Documents
Patient Information Leaflets
Legal Documents
Notices and Disclosures
Booklets and Leaflets
Codes of Practice
Company Magazines